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Business Development Services

You know the potential value your expertise holds but, without a business that is working for you, that potential may never convert to financial success.

Your business is your vehicle to deliver more value to your clients and capture your fair share of it.

No serious business makes decisions without clear management information.  Developing a business requires good, informed decisions.  Informed decisions require clear information and explanations of what the information means.

As management accountants, we specialise in providing that information and the support to turn it into results.

Imagine having:

  • a clear plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be
  • timely results showing exactly how your business is doing now, not last year
  • unlimited access to support to help you understand your results and how to change them

We know you don’t have the needs or budget of a large business.  We also know that your time, especially if you are a solo operator, is limited.

Our services are focused on consultants and small business owner-operators who don’t necessarily have any financial or business training.We focus on the areas with the biggest impact on your results, providing clear and jargon-free support.

We provide you with CFO support on demand where you are paying for just what you need.

We can help with”

  • financial planning for a business that will achieve your goals, and
  • monitoring your performance to understand where it is and isn’t working

A financial lan is an acid test as to whether your current business model will achieve your goals or if you need to tweak your plans.

Financial planning will:

  • focus your energy and resources where they will have the biggest impact on your results
  • show you the financial impact of your decisions before you make them
  • give you peace of mind that your tax and other cash flow demands are planned and provided for
  • help you commit to important projects and investments that you may otherwise put-off without knowing how they’ll be funded
  • provide a benchmark to monitor your actual performance against and highlight where it is and isn’t working

Monitoring your results will:

  • provide regular, clear information on your business progress
  • focus on the key results that really matter
  • explain why your results are what they are and how to fix them

Our services include:

  • financial planning and cash flow forecasting
  • management reporting and business performance analysis
  • help with focusing on measures that matter and improving them

Both our “My Management Accountant: and My Financial Strategist” plans are designed to help you build a better performing, more profit and cash flow rich business.

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