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Commercial Structuring Services

Business is risky, even for solo-operator consultants and small service businesses.  At some stage, something will go wrong for you, an employee or a contractor: an inadvertant breach of copyright or other intellectual property; a business consultant advising based on a misinterpretation of the law,; an IT consultant leaving a client’s data exposed.

Your personal life is also not risk-free.  Your actions might result in harm to others and legal liability for you.  Domestic workers get injured in people’s homes, cars and boats have accidents, trees fall on others’ property and dogs bite.

Your commercial structure is your best defence against the resulting attacks on you, your business and your personal assets.

An appropriate structure can protect you personally, and your assets, from your business risks.  Better that your trading company gets liquidated than face personal bankruptcy and losing your home and assets.

An appropriate structure can also protect your business and your assets from your personal risks.  Assets held in a trust are out of your personal name and generally out of reach of creditors.

Our job is to make sure you:

  • understand your potential risks so you can decide what structure is right for you
  • make sure you are legally compliant so your structure cannot be overturned and you are not personally liable for breaching director or trustee obligations
  • are tax-efficient, protecting your hard-earned profits from being severed by excessive taxation

Our services include:

  • Company and trust formation including establishing legally required registers, resolutions and IRD registrations
  • Managing structures, filing annual returns and maintaining legal files

All our fixed price plans include drafting annual minutes and resolutions for directors, shareholders and trustees as well as filing company annual returns.



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