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Tax and Compliance Services

Tax has a major impact on nearly every business transaction and, if not managed, can severely diminish after-tax earnings.  Many small business operators make costly decisions through misunderstanding the tax implications.

As well as the financial impact, complying with tax obligations can drain resources that should be spent on running your business.  This is one area that must be managed.

Also, IRD are spending $2,61 billion upgrading their technology and becoming more targeted in policing tax compliance.  They make over $5 for every dollar spent investigating non compliance and recent government budgets have allocated millions more to investigations and audit activity.  At any time, they can ask to review your last 4 years’ records.

A business with its tax and compliance obligations under control can focus on doing what they do best and growing their value, knowing their business is compliant with minimal risk of surprise tax bills and potential attacks from IRD. Good management means tax obligations are planned and provided for when the due dates arrive.

Our job is to make sure you:

  • understand the tax impact of your decisions before you make them
  • are compliant with minimal exposure to attacks by IRD
  • have your tax obligations planned and provided for

Our services include:

  • financial statements and tax returns
  • tax management and payment reminders
  • liaising with IRD on your behalf as required

Our “My Financial Strategist” package includes a financial plan ad forecast that schedules your tax commitments helping you to provide for them.

All our fixed-price packages include asking us unlimited questions on tax matters.


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