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We provide accounting and business improvement services to consultants and small business owners throughout New Zealand.


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Whatever your specialty, you have invested a lot of time and money developing yourself into a valuable resource.

But this potential does not automatically convert to business success.  Many professionals never achieve the financial results they deserve. 

To turn your potential into value for your clients, and capture your fair share of that value, you need a business that works.



We can’t help you with your own technical expertise, but we can help you turn it into financial success. 

As your accountant, our job is to help you create a successful business by providing you with clear information so you can make better decisions for better results.

We know that burying you in numbers and accounting jargon won’t help you. 

poor management information



Understanding the results that matter, and how to improve them, will.

As well as tax accountants, we are management accountants.  This means we specialise in providing clear, actionable information to help you take your business beyond guesswork, and produce the results that you and your clients deserve.

clear management information


Imagine having:

  • A clear picture of the business you want and a plan for creating it
  • Information highlighting where your business is and isn’t working, and how to fix it
  • Confidence that you are commercially structured to protect you from potential risks that could derail your life
  • Peace of mind that your business is compliant and tax obligations are under control so you can focus on the work you love


Depending on your needs, you can use our help in the following areas:


Business Performance Improvement

Creating a profitable business

business planning


Designing a business that leverages your individual strengths to deliver more value to your clients and captures your fair share of that value


Financial Planning

Helping you make a financial plan based on your goals, leveraging your strengths to create a profitable, cash flow rich business

  • Financial plans including projected financial statements and cash flow forecasts

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring your performance and helping you improve it with clear, actionable information

  • Management accounts, analyses and dashboards


Commercial Structuring


Protecting your business and your assets from commercial and personal risks, ensuring your profits are protected for you and your family, safe from potential creditors

  • Tax-efficient commercial structures
  • Company and trust formation



Tax & Compliance

Tax and compliance for consultants

tax taken care of


Taking the stress out of your tax demands; ensuring you are compliant and tax-efficient; preventing exposure to potential penalties, excessive tax and IRD action

  • Annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Liaising with IRD on your behalf
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Legal compliance


We want to help you realise your potential as a high-value expert by making you:


Profitable * Protected * Compliant


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